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POLICOSANOL, 60 tablets, 10 mg

Supports Cardiovascular Health


Lovastatin 20 mg Policosanol 10 mg
Total Blood Cholesterol - reduced 14.0% 14.2%
LDL Cholesterol - reduced 16.8% 20.4%
HDL (good) Cholesterol - raised no change 7.5%
LDL to HDL Ratio - reduced 14.9% 23.7%

Policosanol is a blend of compounds isolated from natural plant waxes. Policosanol contains several long chain fatty alcohols, including octacosanol, hexacosanol and triacontanol. Animal and in-vitro research has shown that these compounds may support the cardiovascular system and inhibit lipid peroxidation as well as support macrophage activity.

There are over 60 clinical studies conclusively proving the ability of policosanol to lower cholesterol levels. Click on this link takes you to the U.S. National Library of Medicine where you can review these studies. PRINT IT OUT AND GIVE IT TO YOUR PHYSICIAN. Go to 62 Policosanol Studies.

Additional Information

This product is designed to work best with Supplementspot's Healthy Cholesterol to create a powerful cocktail of ALL NATURAL ingredients synergistically designed to safely and effectively help lower LDL (Bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol). Unlike most natural supplements two of the main nutrients used in this formula, policosanol and the beta-sitosterol, chromium, and isoflavones (all in the Healthy Cholesterol formula) have been subject to numerous clinical trials to establish their efficacy.

If you are unfamiliar with the dangers of cholesterol we would urge you to refer to the extensive library of articles on Supplementspot which address these issues. They can be found in the library archives in this website.

You can use Supplementspot's Policosanol formula either with or without HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL. In addition, we also suggest adding our homocysteine balanced B-Vitamin Complex. All have ingredients proven conclusively to assist in lowering blood cholesterol. It also contains substances that have been shown to assist in lowering both triglycerides and homocysteine. In addition, it is highly recommended that one take Supplementspot's CoEnzyme Q10 to strengthen the heart muscle. More details can be found by clicking on the links below. One may wonder why all of these ingredients cannot be formulated into one tablet. The answer is simple. First, we all have individual requirements and goals; the second is that such a pill would be too large for most to swallow. It is best to take them individually so that individual needs and dosages can be adjusted.

Life Style Changes Are Not Necessary, but strongly recommended.

You will receive a free copy of "How to Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs" with your initial order. In it you read of the lifestyle changes that will help lower your cholesterol levels to well below 200. However, you should be aware that a reduction in the intake of dietary cholesterol is very rarely sufficient to lower cholesterol to any significant extent. This is because the around 80% of blood cholesterol is manufactured by the liver.

Compare the Cholesterol Lowering Efficacy of Supplementspot's Policosanol with the modern cholesterol lowering drugs known as 'STATINS'.

The following table is a summary of just one of many studies comparing the efficacy of a statin drug against just ONE of the Supplementspot's recommended natural supplements... POLICOSANOL. There are many clinical trials and studies comparing this substance against statin drugs. The results are consistent with the study below irrespective of the statin brand being compared.

WARNING: There are many products currently in the market place claiming to use 'policosanol' but many in fact are using 'octacosanol' which is an incomplete form of policosanol. Octacosanol will NOT give the results outlined in these clinical trials. The results apply ONLY to the genuine policosanol extracted from sugar cane wax. Only the genuine policosanol which is produced in Cuba has been used in these clinical trials. Another substance which is extracted from Bees Wax is also referred to as Policosanol or Polycosanol, but it is not the same substance. The genuine Policosanol costs more than 20 times that of Octacosanol. Only the genuine policosanol is used in the XTEND-LIFE formula.

Study Comparing Policosanol with a Statin Drug

In this study patients were first put on a 6 week cholesterol lowering diet. Each group was given daily either 20 mgs of Lovastatin (Mevacor) or 10 mgs of Policosanol for 12 weeks. The results are listed below:

Lovastatin 20 mg Policosanol 10 mg
Total Blood Cholesterol - reduced 14.0% 14.2%
LDL Cholesterol - reduced 16.8% 20.4%
HDL (good) Cholesterol - raised no change 7.5%
LDL to HDL Ratio - reduced 14.9% 23.7%

If you are unaware of the dangerous side effects of statin drugs please click here to learn more.

Suggested Use:
Two tablets, in the evening, for the first three months. Thereafter, 1-2 tablets daily.

Serving Size:
2 tablets.

Calcium 60 mg; Policosanol 20 mg.

Other Ingredients:
dibasic calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate.


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